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Friday the 13th

A Friday the 13th State House Garden Harvest was accomplished without broken mirrors, miscreant black cats, or other mishaps. Joanne, Gail, Carl, Carrie and Glenn harvested 31 pounds of cabbage, 19.7 pounds of beets, 15 pounds carrots, and 28 pounds Swiss chard. The folks at the soup kitchen were thrilled!

2010 Running Tally of Harvests:

#1, June 15: 18 pounds radishes 23 pounds lettuce

#2, June 24: 96.3 pounds (that’s seventy bags) of lettuce

#3, July 14: 12 pounds of swiss chard, 9 pounds of carrots, 4 pounds of beets, and 7 pounds of peas.

#4, July 22: 22 pounds of beets, and 10 pounds of carrots

#5, Aug 13: 31 pounds of cabbage, 19.7 pounds of beets, 15 pounds carrots and 28 pounds Swiss chard

That puts APPLE Corps 2010 State House Garden harvest at 295 pounds of produce so far, as compared to 286 pounds of vegetables total for 2009. Which means, we’ve already surpassed last year’s harvest, with 2 more months left to the growing season! Yeee haa!!


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